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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 | Author:

–Why did you choose wedding photography as a career?
We love weddings! We find celebrating a bride and groom’s wedding day with them to be really rewarding. Helping people remember one of the most important days of their lives is an honor that we take seriously and at the same time have a tremendous amount of fun with. It is so amazing to be doing exactly what you want to do in life. We have the best job ever!

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–Does the photographer use an assistant? Is there an extra charge for this?
All Aurora weddings are shot with two photographers, not a photographer and an assistant. We make this distinction as part of our philosophy of capturing your day with all the dimension with which you experienced it. Two photographers allow us to get angles and perspectives that otherwise would have been lost and be in different places, capturing the action as it happens.

–If your packages are not what I am looking for, would you be willing to try to customize a package for me?
Both Nora and I feel strongly that we don’t want to lock you into a “cookie cutter” package! Which is why we begin building your package with some basics we feel every bride and groom should have (2 photographers, a disc of high-resolution images, a pre-wedding planning session, a print credit, a Pictage gallery, just to name a few!). Beyond this, all of our other options (thank-you cards, prints, canvas prints, albums) can be added on a la carte, giving you a completely customizable package. So yes!

Don’t forget to check back as we continue our FAQ Series. And feel free to post questions you think we should include!

Monday, December 14th, 2009 | Author:

We are really excited to be putting up a new series of posts over the coming month!
Every week we get brides coming in for consultations who have down their homework and put together a list of questions to ask us. Of course, we’re happy to answer all of their questions, but it got us thinking… instead of you bringing the questions to us, maybe we could bring the answers to you! Wouldn’t it be nice to have the answers to some of your most important questions before you even came in to meet with us? This is the inspiration for this new series of posts.
Each day will post answers to frequently asked questions. Each question will deal with some aspect of wedding photography (style, cost, design, etc.) Once we’ve answered all of the questions we can think of, we will put all the answers together into one giant post, so make sure to check in regularly!