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Thursday, February 02nd, 2012 | Author:

Thank you to all our amazing clients who have made this possible!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 | Author:

Whitney and JR’s wedding at the Taj made for classic and elegant Boston wedding photography.  Here is an album design that we put together for them!

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If you’re planning an MA wedding we definitely recommend checking out a Wedding Day Expositions bridal show.  Nora and I had an awesome time at their most recent show at the Crowne Plaza North Shore.  We met some really cool brides, and of course, sampled some delicious cake – notice how cake comes up in a lot of our blog  posts :)  We were also tasked with being the official photographers of the fashion show.  Check out the photos below!  The kids were the absolute cutest!  To see even more photos, check out our Facebook page and don’t forget to like us while you’re there :) Also, feel free to come out and check out our next show at L’Andana Restaurant in Burlington.  Tickets are still available!

Wedding Day Expositions Fashion Show
Wedding Day Expositions Fashion Show
Wedding Day Expositions Fashion Show
Wedding Day Expositions Fashion Show
Wedding Day Expositions Fashion Show

Friday, February 11th, 2011 | Author:

Finding an MA wedding photographer can be a very daunting task.  Fortunately, there are a lot of excellent lists out there that supply you with important questions to ask a prospective wedding photographer.  Here’s a list of 5 highly relevant questions which seem to be consistently missing from many of these lists.  We’ve also included our Aurora answers in italics under each question.  Enjoy!

1.Do I get a CD of images?  What will the resolution of the images be?

Way back when, when photographers were still using film to shoot weddings, if you wanted to make a print of an image, you needed a negative.  Fortunately for us, the modern day negative equivalent is a CD of high resolution images.  With this handy little thing, you can go to any Ritz, CVS or other location and order a print of an image from your wedding.  Some wedding photographers include a CD in their basic package, while others may charge $500 or more for it. So it’s good to ask! Also, to prevent big images from printing blurry, make sure they are high resolution. What is enough resolution?  240-300 ppi (pixels per inch) will do the trick.  Finally, check to make sure that the images are not watermarked.

Nora and I include a CD of images in all our packages. The images are not watermarked and have a resolution of 300 ppi.  You can print from it at any print shop you like!

2.Will you do a site walk though before the wedding?

Has a wedding photographer photographed at your venue before?  They may tell you that a site walkthrough before the wedding is unnecessary.  We’ve found that even if we’ve photographed at a venue before, doing a site walk through with our clients gives us a chance to see the location through their eyes.  After all, every couple is unique.  At a site walk though, our goals are usually to finalize a schedule for the day, to plan out where we want to take photos, make a backup plan for rain, and to finalize the list of family formal photography.

We think a site walk through is very important, so we include it in all of our packages.  We usually plan to do the walkthrough 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

3.Will you plan out our family formals list in advance?  How long do family formals usually take on the day?

Needless to say, wedding days can take on a momentum of their own, and sometime things can get a bit hectic.  The last thing you want to do, though, is add to this. That is exactly what happens when a wedding photographer wings your family formals on the day.  We’ve heard horror stories of family formal taking 1 1/2 hours because the photographer and client didn’t plan things out in advance. When you talk with your photographer about family formals, you’ll want to share which family members you’d like to include in the photos.  The photographer should help you group these family members into logical combinations and then order them in the way that makes the most sense.  With a bit of planning, it’s usually reasonable to complete the family formals within 30-40 minutes!

We work with our clients on a family formal list during the site walkthrough, and then order the groupings in the most efficient way.

4.Can I see the images of a complete wedding day?

Wedding photographers usually show their work in the form of albums and galleries on their website.  You can think of this as their “best of” work.  Theses images will be a small selection of the best images from the best weddings that the photographer has photographed.  There’s nothing wrong with this.  But be aware; usually a photographer will give you hundreds of images of your wedding, not just 50-70.  For this reason, it’s helpful to ask a photographer in a consultation if you can see few complete weddings from start to finish.  Sometimes you may find that the quality between the “best of images” and all the other images may vary dramatically.

We have many complete wedding galleries available for viewing during a consultation.

5.Do you use off camera lighting?

OK… I admit, this one is a little bit technical and nerdy, but still very important.  What is off camera lighting?  Well, it’s actually exactly what it sounds like – using lighting sources that aren’t just a single flash on a camera.  Using an on camera flash camera has its place and can be very nice.  But It does have noticeable limitations.  For starters, on-camera lighting alone can make a subject look flat and unflattering.  It also makes it harder to take good photos as night.  In contrast, off camera lighting adds depth to a photo, and makes a subject look vibrant and radiant.  You might be surprised to hear that many wedding photographers don’t practice off camera lighting.  It’s definitely worth asking.

We bring small, unobtrusive stands and lights to all our weddings that we place strategically to provide awesome off camera lighting.

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 | Author:

Nora and I are getting very excited for our bridal show this Sunday at the Crowne Plaza North Shore in Danvers.  The show is being hosted by Wedding Day Expositions, and tickets are still available.  Please come visit; we’d love to see you – you can hang out on our comfy chair and have some some candy :)  We’ll see you there!